Useful Trading Resources

Below are some useful Trading Resources:

  • Forex Trading London - Our Facebook page - full of Trade Ideas, Live Trade Screenshots,  Heads Up on Forthcoming Trading Events - Everything Forex.
  • Traders Forum - The London Traders Forum Facebook page - for the intermediate to more advanced retail and prop traders - quarterly Webinars and one Annual Live Get Together every Autumn in London - run by real traders for real traders with quality speakers and premium content.
  • The London Traders Forum - Meets Quarterly online and gets together Annually in Central London for day packed full of interesting speakers and debate, covering everything from current financial market analysis to intra-day and swing trading strategies that work, risk and money management and trading psychology to name but a few of the topics previously covered.  A great day networking, educating and learning and we always finish in the bar!
  • London Traders Network  - Meetup group run by my good friend and trading colleague Paul Wallace - No selling just networking and swapping stories over a drink or two - very welcoming, warm friendly crowd - from total beginners to seasoned traders.
  • Traders Mind Journal - The Traders Mind Journal is the ultimate companion for anyone who wants to trade at their best.  The ‘Traders Mind Journal’ has been developed to help traders to improve their performance through engaging in a focused journaling process built around three core high-performance factors:

    a focus on continual improvement

    training how you think and feel

    creating high performance trading habits

  • Forex Tester - Back Testing Software - This is what 9 out of 10 Top Traders use to prove their strategies have an edge and are consistently profitable and provide those statistics.  Do you have a tested and proven edge?
  • - lots of useful Forex News related material and Economic Calendar.
  • - Market analysis of the big events and what the Central Banks are saying.
  • - Financial News, Calendar, Individual Country Interest Rates and associated Central Bank Indicators and Levers.
  •  - Excellent commentary on economic and world events that can have an effect on the markets.  Read this blog daily!
  • - Packed full of useful Articles, Interviews, Analysis, Strategies and much more - great bed-time reading!
  • - Excellent Podcast on Trading Psychology, Self-Management and Mindset for Peak Performance brought to you by trading and market veterans Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall - Highly Recommended once you have got a grasp of all the mechanics of the trading process.
  • NetDania - use the Charts menu tab for free charts and then select your chosen financial instrument.  Useful for checking the USD Index and Indices various plus lots more.  Particularly useful for checking correlations using the Overlay feature on the charts.
  • - provide a useful visual format for the Committment Of Traders (COT), which some may find useful.
  • Financial Juice - Free link to a 10 Second Delay Live News both visual and audio (imperative for intra-day traders to be listening to a Squawkbox).
  • FinViz - Currency Daily Strength/Weakness readout in bar chart form.
  • PlayOnMac - Free Open Source Software that allows AppleMac (IOS) owners to use MT4 (Windows).