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Sometimes In Life You Just Need A Helping Hand

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It is a well known fact that many successful people have honed their and skills, broadened their outlook and improved their effectiveness through the use of a Personal Mentor or one to one coaching.  The same can be said for successful traders.  Personal Trading Mentorship or Coaching is a tried and tested formula for fast tracking one’s progress in the ‘Learning To Trade‘ process. We offer tailor made Personal Trading Mentorship Programmes to suit your needs as an aspiring trader.  The techniques we teach are applicable to all liquid financial markets although we primarily use the live Forex market as our teaching ground.  This is probably the best Forex Trading Course you’ll ever come across. Just some of the typical trading topics that can be covered are:

  • How to get the best out of the Metatrader 4 Platform
  • What to Trade & The Best Times To Trade
  • Price Action & Support & Resistance in all it’s guises
  • How to use Fibs properly (Projections/Retracements/Fans/Expansions)
  • How to combine Fundamentals and Technicals – The 3rd Way
  • The 4Ms: Method, Risk & Money Management, Mindset & Me and the Markets
  • Swing Trading / Day Trading / Intra-Day Trading or End of Day Trading
  • How to Trade around a Day Job
  • Multi-time frame Analysis (Top Down / Bottom Up)
  • How to find High Probability Trade set ups.
  • Trend & Counter Trend Trading
  • How to trade some or all of the following Forex trading strategies:
    • Common Patterns
    • The 123 Pattern
    • Regular Divergence
    • Hidden Divergence
    • Advanced Divergence
    • Harmonic Patterns
    • Elliot Waves
    • Wolf Waves
    • The Flip
    • The 200 SMA (1hr & 15 min)
    • The London Power Hour
  • Market Makers
  • Over-extension and Pivots
  • Trading Psychology
  • Back testing your chosen strategies
  • Trading in the Live Market
  • What should be in your Trading Plan & help with developing it
  • Tax implications & how to implement the above using Spread Betting
  • Plus lots more!

Typically, a Personal Coaching & Mentorship Programme will consist of between 15 to 20 sessions lasting around an hour each, although we normally over-run to the benefit of the client!  Lessons can be every few days or 1 every week/month or whatever suits you and your daily routine.  You can break up the programme into logical parts in order to consolidate your knowledge and skills before progressing further.  The lessons are conducted online using a Webinar format with live interaction between the Student and the Mentor/Tutor/Coach. We aim to help you to become a consistently profitable independently minded trader rather than one who is dependent on others for their trading decisions.  At the end of the programme you will have the skills and knowledge to be able to find trades, make your own trading decisions and successfully trade in a live market whilst only risking a small amount of your trading capital.  Read what previous clients have said about their Forex Training.

If affordability may be an issue, we have students who take individual lessons as and when they wish to suit their personal financial situation.  If you only wish to have a few lessons then we can tailor something to suit you and your trading needs.  Some students take a block of 5 lessons at a time.

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