Screenshots & Videos of Actual Live Trades

The aim of this page is to provide examples of actual Live Trades taken in the Forex and other financial markets. 

30 July 2021 – GBPUSD Long trade based upon a Weekly Bull Elliott Wave 5 and a Daily Bull Wolfe Wave / 3 Drives Price Pattern. Here is the Daily chart:

17 July 2021 – Here is a couple of screenshots of a short trade on Oil (WTI) based upon a ‘3 Drives/Wolfe Wave Price Pattern in the Context of a Weekly Elliott Wave. Here is the Daily chart:

6 November 2020 – Here is a trade we took as a US Election play. We went long Gold just prior to the election date based upon a Daily/4hr Bullish Harmonic Pattern, it has gone to our planned targets T1 and T2 and now we just have one remaining position left to see if this any further upside to come. Here is the 4hr chart:

6 November 2020 – Following on from our previous post of the 14th August 2020 (see below), our BTCUSD Long trade has hit our main target of 15900 area and we have take some profits. As previously mentioned we believe that there may be a Monthly/Weekly Potential Bearish Gartley setting up. If so we would expect some sort of price action reversal pattern to form around the D point on the chart below. Maybe a Head & Shoulders, a Daily Divergence, a Bearish 123? We will be keeping a watchful eye on this pair over the next week or two. If something does set up then we will close our final long position and go short. If so we would probably be targeting somewhere like the 6500-7000 level or the Weekly 200sma. If no reversal happens then we will continue to hold our remaining long position. Here is the Weekly chart:

15 September 2020 – Following on from the previous USDMXN short trade post on the 23rd July 2020, based on a Daily Bearish Elliott Wave, price has reached both our 1st and 2nd Targets (T1 and T2) and now we are just managing our last position to see if this pair will fall a little further. If it doesn’t, then our Stop Loss is now well beyond our entry level, so whatever happens we will be taking 3 profits from this trade. This trade has taken 56 trading days so far, so has required a lot of patience and discipline to let it do its’ thing! This trade is typical of the the longer term Swing Trades we teach our clients. Once we had moved to Break Even there was nothing to do but wait, so golf was played, yachts were sailed and holidays taken. Here is the Daily chart:

14 August 2020 – Following on from the previous BTCUSD long trade posts below, price has now broken and closed above the XB trend line which is normally a Bullish sign. We remain long targeting the 15900.0 area, at which point we will then look for reasons to short this pair. Here is the Weekly chart:

13 August 2020 – We are currently long the EURUSD based upon a 4 hour set up and have moved to Break Even. We were risking 1% of our trading capital on this trade. It is nearing our 1st Target (T1). If this goes to T2, then it may set up a Bearish 3 Drives/Wolfe Wave, and if so we will sell it. Here is the 4hr Chart:

23 July 2020 – We are currently short the USDMXN based upon a Potential Daily Bearish Elliott Wave and we think this is currently at the start of Wave 5 and are looking for a stretch target in the first instance around the Daily 200sma but it may go lower.  If it pulls back as expected for sub-waves 2 and 4 then we may add to this trade.  We entered using a 1 hour reversal pattern and are at Break Even.  The eagle eyed amongst you may note that it also daily Bearish Hidden Divergent which should help our trade.  Here is the Daily Chart:

22 May 2020 – Here is a current short trade on the AUDUSD which set up a 4hr Head & Shoulders at the end of a Daily/4hr Bullish Elliott Wave 5, so expecting a corrective down move. Entry was after the 4hr conformation candle.

19 May 2020 – following on from the previous post below we have been long BTCUSD since the middle of March and have a stretch target of around 15900.0 area, at which point we will then look for reasons to short this pair. 

26 September 2019 – back in late June of this year we noticed the BTCUSD had retraced back up to a Monthly/Weekly Fib 61.8 retrace level.

We waited patiently for a Daily/4hr Bearish 123 to set up and managed to get a lower time frame entry into this short trade:

We then followed this pair om the Daily and 4 hour charts which showed numerous gaps which could be filled. Price then consolidated into a Daily Descending Triangle which we were happy to sit through as it formed.  It has now finally broken to the downside as expected, and we will be watching the Weekly candle close to confirm this.

There is a possibility that price may pull back up from here to test the underside of the Triangle, if it does it may set up another Sell signal.  We are targeting the 5400 area, but what ever the outcome we have scaled out of several positions and it has been a profitable Swing Trade.  It may take until year end or even January 2020 or thereabouts to get to target if it continues to go in our favour.

26 September 2019 – Here is a current short trade on the GBPUSD which set up a reversal signal o the 4 hour time frame.  Price has hit our targets 1 and 2 and we are holding our last position to try and squeeze out the most from this trade amongst the current BREXIT turmoil.

16 September 2019 – we have overlooked posting some of our trades for some time.  So here is a current Live Trade on the EURUSD.  We had the ECB Rate Change and resumption of a small QE programme at which point price became volatile and fell and then recovered.  We waited for the dust to settle and then on Friday we saw an opportunity.  The were numerous things that all came together at the same time on various chart time frames (Daily, 4 hour, 1 hour).  This is what we call a ‘Confluence’ and is what we like to see, when considering a Swing Trade.  Although we had a nice potential Daily set up, we used lower time frame entries to build a short position.  So far so good and we are now at Break Even on this trade and nearing Target 1.  Here are a couple of charts to illustrate what we saw on the Daily.

And this was the outcome of waiting Patiently for price to do it’s thing and now if we get a Triple Bottom we will close out our final position, if continues to fall through this current potential support then we may hold further:

28 March 2019 – Update on our USDCAD Long trade – nearly at T1 and we are better than Break Even and trailing our stop:

22 March 2019 – We are currently in a long trade on the USDCAD where there is an Inverse Head & Shoulders, nearly at T1, we are better than Break Even and trailing our stop.

13th February 2019 – We have been long the USD Index for a while now, as our analysis suggested it was in a Weekly Bullish Elliott Wave.  We have used a Daily Bullish 123 as our entry.  Currently price looks as if it may make a new high on the Weekly, if so then watch for rejection at a Resistance (or Supply) Zone or the Weekly Fib 61.6 retrace.  Our thinking is price may go to the 99.00 level and get rejected around there.  However, there is always the chance of it going higher to the Weekly 78.6 Fib retrace.  Either way we intend hanging on for the ride and so far so good.  If price does reach one these higher levels and gets rejected then we may start to look for short entries to trade a possible abc correction back down.  Watch and wait.  Here is the Weekly chart:

16th January 2019 – We have been short the USDMXN for some time now based upon a Weekly/Daily Bearish Bat (Harmonic Pattern).  We used a Sell Limit Order for our entry just under a key Fib level.  We wave taken 2 profits so far, with one position left.  This appears to be the trade that keeps on giving and we are monitoring this closely, and aiming for the Weekly 200sma, which would give us about 2240 pips for this last position, without taking into account the previous targets.  We watch and wait! (18 Jan 2019:  In the light of perceived USD strength for the next few weeks or so we have closed this trade).

16th January 2019 – We are currently long Oil (WTI) on a 4 hour tine frame trade, we have taken 2 profits and have one position remaining, which are managing to see if we can squeeze out some more pips from the market to at least the Daily Fib retrace 38.2. At the time of writing we are 680 pips or so up on this last position.  Here is the 4hr chart:   (NB: 18 Jan 2019:  In the light of perceived USD strength for the next few weeks or so we have closed this trade).

31st October 2018 – Gold 4hr short trade, 4 days into the trade and going well, 1st target (T1) hit and a 3rd profit taken, we have moved to Break Even, price is now nearing T2.  There hasn’t been a decent pullback yet on the 4hr behind which we could trail a stop for longer term moves down.  This short trade is in the context of a Weekly set up and also a rejection from a Weekly/Daily Resistance zone and our 4hr slightly aggressive entry was confirmed by the Daily and 4hr Bearish pinbar candles at the zone.  Here is the 4hr chart:

23 October 2018 – EURUSD 4hr short trade thinking the Daily will set up Bullish Divergence in due course, T1 hit & have moved to Break Even. Here is the Daily view:

10th October 2018 – USD Index December Contract Daily Short Trade with a 4 hr entry:

10th October 2018 – GBPJPY Daily Triangle Long Trade – Update:

9th October 2018 – S&P 500 – 4hr Bullish Reversal:  Update 10th Oct  – stopped out!!

9th October 2018 – GBPJPY Daily Triangle – we highlighted this potential long trade on our Market Analysis page:

27 and 28 Sep 2018 – EURUSD 4 hour Short Trade (Head and Shoulders & FOMC)

27 Sep 2018 – GBPUSD 4 hour Short Trade Hits 1st Target

5 Sep 2018 – DAX – Short Trade Hits 1st Target

1 Sep 2016 – GBPUSD Daily Bullish Gartley reaches 2nd Target

GBPUSD Daily Bull Gartley - T2 Hit - 1 Sep 2016 -

15 May 2015 – AUDUSD shorts trade and USDJPY Long Trade:

29 April 2015 – Latest Swing Trade – GBPUSD Long Trade: