Traders Forum Agenda – 5th October 2013

Fellow Trader,

We have finalised the agenda for the next Traders Forum event this coming Saturday 5th October 2013.

Whether you are an intraday trader or an investor who takes the long view with your Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), you must not miss this rare opportunity to spend a full day in the company of people who devote their time studying the markets and are ready to share their experience and insights with you.

This special full-day event will be held at The Hatton, a stylish Art Deco building located in the heart of London’s Diamond District. The Traders Forum will kick off at 8.30 with breakfast followed by a full day of presentations, rubbing shoulders with market professionals and, most importantly, plenty of time to network with your fellow traders and investors in our exclusive lounge area.

At the end of an informative and stimulating day, The Hatton will be laying on an informal reception for us during which we shall enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine or a beer or two.

Admission is by ticket only and there will only be forty places available. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you reserve your place NOW by visiting the following page:

Reserve one of the last remaining places NOW

The agenda will be as follows:

Welcome And Breakfast

A friendly welcome from Teresa, Paul and Kevin accompanied by a continental breakfast and time to catch up with your old friends and meet your new friends.

After breakfast, we begin the day.

Can The Bull Market Party Continue All Night Or Are The Guests Beginning To Leave?

Kevin Barry of the Traders & Investors Club is a full-time day trader but adopts the long view when managing his Personal Pension. He is primarily a technical trader but is fully aware of how events in the real world events can conspire to spoil a great technical setup. Therefore, he knows that it is essential to be aware of what is going on in the wider world as the context for his investment decisions.

Kevin will be setting the tone of the day by presenting his Market Roundup in which he will be sharing his longer-term outlook and the positions that he will be holding in his SIPP over the new few months as well as revealing how his portfolio has performed since the last Traders Forum.

The Big Question right now is where are we in the Stock Market cycle.

There are several technical signs of a topping formation in process:

Several global indices are in the process of completing a multi-year Ascending Broadening Wedge pattern, otherwise known as the Jaws Of Death. This is the one of the most reliable bearish technical patterns in the book
We have a confirmed Hindenburg Omen, which puts us on high alert for a major pullback. The Hindenburg Omen has appeared before all stock market crashes, except one, over the past 29 years
There are significant divergences across several markets, plus the $VIX index is getting a more than a little restless
The Japanese Yen is giving us a heads-up that perhaps we should start cutting back on the juice

In the meantime, the Central Banks continue to add fizz to the party in the form of massive liquidity that has got nowhere to go.

On the other hand, October is traditionally Stock Market Crash season.

Interesting times indeed.

How To Turn A $10k Account Into A $100k Account Within 2 Years

Charlie Burton of EzeeTrader has been trading for 16 years and runs a very successful online trading room.

In this fast-paced presentation, Charlie will reveal:

How he originally turned from a trader stuck in a sideways cycle to making consistent profits
The key mistakes he made and the lessons he learnt
Why the odds are stacked against you – it’s not the market makers or brokers
The single most important variable ALL successful traders have that nobody ever talks about
Why learning the latest strategy/system will not make you money without this vital ingredient
The live trading account he is using to turn $10k into $100k
How any trader can achieve consistency, provided they have this one element

Don’t miss this one!

Looking Over The Shoulder Of A Systematic Trader

Rob Tratt of JN Financial has been trading the financial markets since shortly after graduating with a BSc in Economics in 1999.

He is a systematic trader and he will be discussing the pros and cons of systematic, or algorithmic, trading, specifically:

What systematic trading is, why you should consider it and how you can go about developing your own systematic approach to trading
The important factors to bear in mind when creating and optimising a trading system and how to avoid the pitfalls that can catch out the unwary
How he created a trading system that has made money every year since 1994 across a wide range of markets
An introduction to his own proprietary systems that he trades in his fund as well as trading for clients on an advisory basis

If you are looking for a way to remove emotion from your trading, this could be it.

Lunch Break

After a stimulating morning, we shall be serving you a delicious lunch in our exclusive lounge where you can relax with us, network with your fellow traders and explore any topic of interest with the speakers.

Zak Mir’s Great Request Show

Zak Mir is one of the UK’s best known technical analysts and commentators who publishes regular market analysis on and provides white-label research to several of the City’s largest retail brokers.

In this topical presentation, he will take an up close look at the stocks and markets that you need to be looking at right now as well of some of his current favourite technical set ups.

Zak is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker with a refreshingly honest approach to the market. His last book, 101 Charts for Trading Success, has recently topped the Amazon investment book chart.

High Probability, High Reward-To-Risk Breakout Trading With The Market Sniper

Francis Hunt, aka The Market Sniper, bought his first option at 21 years of age back in 1989 and has been traded equities ever since. He is a technical trader who believes in patiently waiting for high probability trades, hence the Sniper handle. He believes that most people expend too much effort chasing marginal trades. For this reason, Francis coaches his students to trade breakouts from a very specific chart pattern called the Hunt Volatility Funnel. Francis also has a broad interest in economics and macro trends. As he says himself, “The best surfers know how to catch the biggest and best waves“.

Where Are The Exits?

Paul Wallace of the London Traders Network is the author of the forthcoming book Turnaround Your Trading and a professional trader, writer and coach. He  has over 20 years experience of working in competitive, results-driven, performance environments. He trades his own account as well as being a proprietary trader of FX & Indices markets on a swing & position basis for Kaizen Wealth Management UK.

Everyone in trading loves to talk about their market entries. They also love to find out how others enter the market. People love buy signals. However, those of us who have been trading for any length of time know from experience that it is the exit that is the most important element of the trading equation. Furthermore, it’s not only the physical stop loss that is important but also the mental and emotional stop losses that are required to ensure long time survival and further success.

Paul will discuss the multiple facets of market exits based upon his own personal trading experience and that of the people he’s trained and coached throughout the years.

Finale – Drinks Reception

What could be better after an exhilarating day than to relax in the lounge with a glass of wine or a beer or two.

Our mission is to bring you a memorable day in comfortable surroundings at a reasonable cost. Therefore, we will be holding the ticket price down to £147, which will include all presentations, a light breakfast, refreshments throughout the day, a leisurely lunch and a post-seminar social event.

This event will not be recorded so when it’s over, it’s gone forever.

Admission is by ticket only and there will only be forty places available. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you reserve your place NOW by visiting the following page:

Reserve your place NOW

We look forward to welcoming you on 5th October for another memorable day that is guaranteed to change the way that you see the market.