Trader Well Being

Trading can be a very sedentary affair – with a distinct lack of exercise.  Aspiring traders can overdo the screen watching and mouse clicking, with poor posture, eye strain, gritty eyes, fatigue, neck and shoulder strain leading to potential headaches, poor sleep patterns, snacking rather than eating properly, dehydration – poor diet and weight gain – you get the picture!

As you develop as a trader your well being becomes more and more important, as a traders mental alertness, awareness and thus performance can be affected by the one, some or all the above.

So try and focus in at the start and end and periodically during your trading day to assess how you feel and if you need to take a break, re-group mentally, eat and hydrate, change your work station layout, exercise etc.

For some ideas and tips to improve your physical and mental well being as a Trader, just take a look here at Mojo Well Being: