The Trend Really is Your Friend!

The saying “The trend is your friend …until it is at an end” is a bit hackneyed or a cliche in the trading world and can encourage newbies to be ‘lambs to the slaughter’.  However, if you could tell if a trend had recently started, whether you were midway in a trend or if it was close to the end or had indeed ended, then you might be able to take advantage of a trend properly in a risk controlled manner and profit from it.  So the trend really can be your friend provided that you know what you are doing and are prepared to plan your trades in advance, then exercise patience waiting for the most advantageous moment to join it and finally have the discipline to follow through and execute your Trade Plan without emotion controlling your actions.  So how does one do just that?

If you would like to be able to do that, then maybe our next Forex Trading Training Workshop in London is for you.

Also if you can identify a good trend you can also take advantage of that using Binary Options which can be an extremely effective way of generating income IF and only if you know what to do.  If you would like to know more then all the details are HERE.

Top Trading Tip:  Trading a Trend effectively requires prior planning and analysis and the development of a Trade Plan and then the patience to wait for the optimum entry point and then discipline to execute that Trade Plan.  We can help you do that HERE.