The London Traders Forum

The London Traders Forum

The Traders Forum is a ‘Mastermind’ group formed with the aim of raising the bar from the usual so-called Trading Events, free Seminars and low-cost workshops. It is aimed at both active and aspiring traders with some trading knowledge.  Plus it is also designed to be a sociable inter-active occasion for net working with like-minded people and for seeking knowledge from seasoned traders without the usual attempts at a hard up sell at the end.

The next London Traders Forum is on Saturday the 6th of October 2018, a one day seminar/mastermind/forum with Q&A interaction and discussion.  Speakers and topics so far include:

2018 Market Analysis

It’s been a very interesting 2018 so far! Kevin Barry of the Traders and Investors Club will be providing us with his excellent market round-up. This is a chance to view the dominant themes so far and discuss the remainder of the year. As always Kevin’s insight into the bigger picture is always fascinating and is worth the entry fee alone.

A Practical Guide To Elliott Waves – The Alternative View

Martin Walker of Forex Trading London will introduce Elliott Waves and how they relate to us, then show you how they can be traded, how to take a relatively simple approach, how to manage your trade expectations and where to look for trades within the wave(s). Attendees will also get access to some supporting documentation.

Rebooting Your Trading

Fund Manager Simon Cotterill will be talking about resetting your trading to help you have a consistent and profitable end to the trading year. Simon will be sharing his experiences form his 8 years of trading to show how a focus on Discipline, Routine and Patience can help you improve your psychology and your profits.

Using Fibonacci Ratios Effectively 

Fibonacci ratios are commonly used in the financial markets to identify support/resistance levels. But the truth is that they are seldom used correctly.  Ironically, even though it is one of the most effective tools of technical analysis, it is also the most misunderstood.  A little known secret is that the Institutes/Banks use these Fib ratios as a trap, since they are aware of the common way that the novice traders use them. Sunil Mangwani has been trading the Forex market for the last 18 years and has an in depth knowledge in trading currencies. He specialises in trading with advanced Fibonacci based techniques like Harmonic patterns, Divergence, Wolfe waves etc.  Sunil will discuss 2 specific Fibonacci techniques that the professionals use to trap the retail traders.  Come along and learn how to stay safe in the markets.

Aggressive Intra-Day Trading

Lets face it, plenty of people are attracted to intra-day trading, but how many can achieve it consistently? It’s a tough gig. Paul Wallace (FxTraderPaul) will explain what he looks for during his Intra-day trading, and some of the tactics he uses to be more aggressive in his trading.

Tickets for this event are now on sale. To get tickets just click the link below:

London Traders Forum Tickets

This special full-day Trading Mastermind event on a Saturday the 6th August 2018 from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM will include Refreshments and Lunch and will be held in central London at:

Venue:  The Victory Services Club, 63-79 Seymour Street, London, W2 2HF.

Nearest Tube:  Marble Arch, Central Line.

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P.S.  I here Paul Wallace is buying the first round in the bar afterwards!