What previous clients have said:

“Martin is an ideal guide for those starting out trading. You are entering a complex market which has evolved over many years and it is easy to be seduced by the possible rewards and then meet with the many pitfalls which trap naive traders. Martin will take you through all the many ways of understanding the market, from highly technical analysis through to the fundamental economic events which move the markets and the skittish sentiment which can take hold of it sometimes. Thorough and patient he will nurture your trading personality until you feel able to tackle the market on your own terms. A profitable trader himself, Martin is a genuine mentor in a field where there are many who are not what they seem.”  Richard W.

“I did want to say that thanks for everything though because I was very much at my last attempt in pursuing trading when I came to you, but with your help I feel that it is a very real possibility I could be trading for a living in the near future and that is a great thing to look forward to.”   Damien L.

“I have known Martin Walker for 4 years and can’t recommend his trading skills highly enough.  They say trading is an art not a science; Martin has mastered this art to an extremely high degree.  Being a developing trader myself, Martin has helped me see things in analysis that would not have been apparent otherwise.  By utilising a number of different core analysis techniques Martin creates high probability trade set-ups.  By conducting a top down, bottom up approach to analysis, a picture emerges that will build a strong case for a particular trade.  As far as I’m concerned you would have to go a very long way to find a better well rounded teacher in the markets. Most importantly this highly effective and profitable approach has really allowed me to take my own trading to a much higher level than would otherwise have been.  Alex G.

‘Martin is an excellent trader & instructor. He has taught me the secret I had been seeking for several years. In this business, besides learning how to control emotion, it is vital to learn how to efficiently synergise all the various strategies & tools and layer them all strategically.  Martin’s approach to teaching trading is not only easy, but fun & unforgettable.’  Ozair K.

“I started the Personal Mentorship and Coaching programme in 2017 with Martin and it has transformed my approach to the FX markets. Martin has been trading the markets successfully for many years and he has taught me exactly how he trades through his one on one training sessions. Martin tutored me on how to approach the markets and read price action, showing me his set ups through many current examples that he’s recently taken and anticipating taking. As part of the mentorship, Martin also posts on a private group forum that he runs, posting live ideas and his view of the current market which allows you to see in real time the application of his methods. I’ve been very happy working with Martin through his mentorship programme and will continue working with him in 2018 to complete my training.” Kalpesh M, London.

“Just wanted to say that I couldn’t have made it without your help and guidance – just brilliant!”  Jonathan C, London.