Typical Stages of Trader Development


Typical Stages of Trader Development - For some time now I have been acutely aware of the unrealistic expectations of people who come into trading, thinking that they are going to be able to pick it up quickly and make a rapid fortune!  The reality is vastly different.  Here are my thoughts on what that reality is.  

The typical starting points are:

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How Complete Is Your House of Trading?

Learning ‘How To Trade’ can be analogous to building a house, it isn’t until it is complete, that Consistent Profitability can be realistically achieved. The foundations cover such things as:

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Strategy Generic Trading Essentials

At the recent, very well attended and organised, Round-The-Clock-Trader – Live event in London on the 5th November I was asked by the Broker – ActivTrades, an event sponsor, to give a presentation to a large group of aspiring and actual traders.  The title of the talk was ‘Learn High Probability Trading Techniques’.  I had thought long and hard about what exactly I wanted to say.  I know from my own experience that most aspiring traders are very focussed on acquiring a successful strategy or strategies, which I now know to be only a small part of the ‘successful trader’ equation.  Indeed some would say that the method or strategy is only about 20% of the whole, with Risk & Money Management coming in at around 50% and Trading Psychology and Well Being making up the remaining 30%.  So instead of focussing on teaching a strategy I thought it would be better and more in the interest of the audience to talk about Strategy Generic Trading Essentials in order to provide a better trading education foundation, from which they could move forward, and topics which would hold them in good stead over time.  The points I chose to talk about were as follows: Continue reading