The London Traders Forum

The London Traders Forum

The Traders Forum is a ‘Mastermind’ group formed with the aim of raising the bar from the usual so-called Trading Events, free Seminars and low-cost workshops. It is aimed at both active and aspiring traders with some trading knowledge.  Plus it is also designed to be a sociable inter-active occasion for net working with like-minded people and for seeking knowledge from seasoned traders without the usual attempts at a hard up sell at the end.

The next London Traders Forum is on Saturday the 6th of October 2018, a one day seminar/mastermind/forum with Q&A interaction and discussion.  Speakers and topics so far include: Continue reading

London Traders Forum – Q3

For several years now I’ve helped Paul Wallace run the London Traders Forum – a once-a-year all-day event for Traders to come together, learn and socialise with each other.

This year’s London Traders Forum will be on Saturday 6th October 2018 in Central London. Please put the date in your diary and keep your eyes peeled for details and early-bird opportunities.

In the meantime the next event will be the Q3 Online Traders Forum on Saturday 7th July.

Online London Traders Forum

This is a new initiative from traders, for traders. The idea is for it to be a short, intensive 3 hour online seminar that covers various aspects of the 4M’s of Trading: Markets, Method, Money and Myself. The idea is for you to be able to learn some new trading ideas, whilst in the comfort of your own home, and without sacrificing your entire weekend.

The plan is for there to be one Online London Traders Forum the first Saturday of Q1, Q2 & Q3 with the London Traders Forum at the start of Q4, the main all day event.

For the Q3 Event running from 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM BST, we’ll have the following speakers:

Paul Wallace from and founder of The London Traders Network will deliver the market analysis section focusing on FX, Indices, Commodities (and perhaps some Crypto) and look at where to focus for possible Q3 Trading Opportunities.

Martin Walker of will take a deeper look at Price Action, what are it’s constituent parts, and how to identify and read it on your charts. He will show you how to use this knowledge in your trading. Understanding and being able to read Price Action is key to identifying Trends, Breakouts and False Breakouts, Market Turns and much more.

From Dublin, Ian McFadden from the Symmetry Trading FB page will talk about his way of intra-day trading Oil using the CL Futures contract. Ian has traded using Fibs for over 10 years and he will explain how he uses them to analyse Oil and find intra-day trade set-ups.

There is a charge for £20 to attend. Why? Because we’re not selling anything. Its proper educational content rather than a slick pitch in the hope to up-sell you something. Furthermore the sessions will be recorded, and as an attendee you’ll have access to them afterwards.

It promises to be an enjoyable session that will help you grasp the opportunities that Q3 2018 will present. For further information, timings and tickets etc just go here:

Online London Traders Forum

Trade well!

Stop, Stop, Stop!

When trading the financial markets always use a stop loss to protect your trading account capital.  This is especially important when trading the Forex (Fx) markets, when there can be sudden big moves due to fundamental news announcements.

It is often said that ‘the best stop is a great entry’, meaning that as soon as you enter the market, price moves in the direction of the trade and never goes near your stop.  This takes time and practice to achieve but is a laudable target to aim for.

I also remember being at an International Traders Conference a few years back and trading live with some top traders and as the novice traders inevitably asked the question ‘Where would you put your stop?’, you could see the expert’s eyes glaze over!

So to answer that novice’s question and put it to bed, here goes …… Continue reading

Key Steps to Forex Trading Success

The following are my thoughts on what I believe are the overall key steps to Forex trading success:

  • Realistic expectations:
    • There is no quick and easy ‘Golden Button’ to trading riches.
    • Set realistic time-scales to achieve consistent profitability.
    • Temper your expected earning potential in the first few years.
    • Set realistic targets.
  • Determination, Patience & Discipline:
    • Determination to succeed and not giving up at the first, second or third hurdle.
      • Stick-ability.
    • Learn to ability to be Patient and wait for high probability trades to come to you rather than try and force the market when it is not yet ready.
    • Develop the Discipline to adhere to your Trading Plan to the letter. Continue reading