Select Group Coaching & Mentorship

Take advantage of our:

  • Select Trading Group Coaching & Mentorship Programme - Restricted to a small number in the group to maximise learning opportunities but also enough to benefit from other peoples' approaches and insights.
  • Recorded Online Group Lessons, Weekly Group Coaching and Regular Market Analysis all providing the foundations and guidance required to help you move forward in your trading endeavours towards Consistent Profitability.  
  • Plus individual accountability to your Mentor, enhances your trading focus and self-discipline.  
  • Whether a new or struggling trader, we will help you build your own 'House of Trading' and guide you towards becoming an Independently Minded Consistently Profitable Trader.

It's Best For

Complete Beginners

The Programme is designed to gradually build your trading knowledge, understanding, skills and experience from the ground up, brick by brick, providing you with a solid trading foundation.

Struggling Traders

Trading is challenging and the Programme is designed to help you to approach the markets in the right way and to help you manage the inherent uncertainty of trading the Hard Right Edge.

Aspiring Career Traders

The Programme naturally leads the client towards becoming a Prop Trader, how to go about that and where to turn next for a funded account .

Advanced Techniques

The 2nd half of the Programme focusses on Advanced Techniques, such as Harmonics and Elliott Waves & how to trade them using all the strategies and techniques learnt in the 1st half.


I'm Martin Walker

A former Commander in the Royal Navy and Chartered Engineer, Martin began learning to trade in 2006 and sought training and mentoring from several high profile Forex traders.  This knowledge is now melded into his own successful trading style which he now teaches and trades.   He combines both Technical and Fundamental Analysis and has a trading toolbox of profitable strategies to match different market conditions.  Martin was the head trader of a Private Fund based overseas and has spoken about various trading related topics at: The World Money Show; XTB’s Trading Master Class events; ActivTrades’ Financial Trading Summit and Strategy Seminar, London Investment Week webinars, Round The Clock Trading events and webinars, the London Forex Expo and is a regular speaker at The London Traders Forum.  He has also produced and delivered Forex Courses and presented Monthly Trading Education webinars to clients various brokers.  Martin established to help new, aspiring, struggling and developing traders understand the realities of learning to trade Foreign Exchange (Forex) and other financial markets and help them progress and develop through coaching and mentoring into consistently profitable traders.  Martin is also keen on surfing, sailing and racing yachts.

Forex Trading London (Founder)

How It Works

IMPORTANT:  Initially, we ask you to answer 20 Scoping Questions about you, your trading ambitions and your trading thus far. Once we have received your answers we then have an informal chat to see if we can help you and if you are a good fit for the Group.  If all good then you will be invited to enrol/join the Select Group Coaching Programme and we can get you started.  If you haven't yet applied for your 20 Scoping Questions to be sent to you, you can do so here just by clicking on this button:


Regular Online Group Lessons with subsequent Homework plus access to the lesson recordings and a Key Learning Points summary for each lesson.


Weekly recorded Online Group Coaching Calls to answer any Qs, including up to date Market Analysis, Martin's Watch List and current trades.


An hour long recorded One to One Personal Coaching & Mentoring Session each Month.  Focussed on your development as a trader


Skype and email support as and when required. When ready, access to Martin's 'Elite Traders' Skype thread for current setups and thoughts.

Coaching & Mentorship

Coaching and Personal Mentorship is a proven formula for progressing in one's chosen field.  It will of course help if that Coach and Mentor is an experienced practitioner in that field and a patient and inspirational guide.

Select Group Coaching - Programme Overview


Intro & Foundation
  • Pre-Training Preps 
  • Welcome & Introduction 
  • Expectations & Accountability
  • Your 'House of Trading'
  • The Basics & MT Tools
  • Supply & Demand
  • Price Action & Bonus Strategy & Intro to EWs
  • Risk & Money Management
  • Planning To Profit
  • Fundamentals / Technicals
  • Economic News Cycle


Specific Strategies
  • Main Strategy - 1 
  • MTFA & Context
  • Main Strategy - 2
  • Advanced Strategy - 2
  • Trend Trading 
  • Main Strategy - 3 
  • Trading Common Patterns
  • Bonus Lesson - 1
  • Bonus Lesson - 2


Advanced Trading
  • Elliott Waves 
  • Wolfe Waves 
  • Harmonic Patterns
  • Over Extension
  • Pivots & Missed Pivots
  • The Market Makers
  • Correlations
  • Conducting The Orchestra
  • Trading Psychology
  • Trading As A Business
  • Transition To Prop Trader
  • Managing Large Accounts
  • Next Steps

Why are 80% of Traders (approx) unprofitable?

Brokers in the USA and UK have to publish how many of their clients are Loss Making / Profitable in % terms.  These Stats at first seem horrendous! Most though, will not have undergone any serious Trading Education, Coaching and Mentoring and will lack sufficient Market Experience to have any chance of succeeding.  Needless to say, they have probably also been seduced by what they see and hear on Social Media.  Don't be like the majority, you can avoid many of the pitfalls of the novice trader by investing in your own Trading Education.  Trading is a Life Skill and once learnt never forgotten.  We aim to elevate our Clients into the top 5% of truly consistently profitable traders. 

Building Your 'House of Trading'

Our programme ensures that you receive a solid trading foundation and has been designed in a specific module sequence so that each lesson builds on the previous ones, in a logical order, gradually building your knowledge and understanding, as 'Learning To Trade' is more of a marathon than a sprint or Mountain Climb rather than a gentle stroll.  Similar to building a house, there is critical path that needs to be followed.  As you progress, so the time between lessons will be longer, enabling you to consolidate your knew found knowledge and put it into practice.  Once you have learned some strategies we will encourage you to trade firstly in a Demo account.  Once you have a track record of consistent profitability in a Demo Account we will then introduce you to trading a Live Account.  The Process is exactly the same but the emotions can be different.  Throughout the Programme there is Homework and you will also be writing your own strategic Trading Plan.

Coaching & Support

Our coaching takes the form of a Weekly Webinar where all your questions and concerns can be addressed.  Plus, as and when you are ready, we will start to look at the Markets together, demonstrating how to conduct your analysis, see what is setting up and build your Watch List of Potential Trades.  You will also be asked to provide your 'Investor Password' so that your Coach can see what trades you are taking in your Demo and subsequent Live Accounts.  Knowing someone is looking over your shoulder provides Accountability and can help enormously when you are trying to stick with the process and not break the rules!  When you are considered ready, you will be invited to join the 'Elite Traders' Skype thread where up to the minute Potential and Live trades are posted and discussed. 


There are 3 main phases of development as a Trader, initially it is the Mechanical phase of learning the trading process.  Once that has been mastered then you will enter the Subjective phase, where you are starting to grapple with the realisation that Trading is all about probabilities and 'What Ifs'.   Lastly, is the move into becoming an Intuitive trader, who is in   tune with the markets and where everything is second nature.  Under pinning this Trader development is the need for personal development and getting to grips with the many facets of Trading Psychology.  There is also the progression from being a novice Retail Trader to Professional Trader (Prop Trader / Fund Manager). To get there, you will likely need to be Mentored by someone who has done it.


“I have known Martin Walker for 4 years and can’t recommend his trading skills highly enough.  They say trading is an art not a science; Martin has mastered this art to an extremely high degree.  Being a developing trader myself, Martin has helped me see things in analysis that would not have been apparent otherwise.  By utilising a number of different core analysis techniques Martin creates high probability trade set-ups.  By conducting a top down, bottom up approach to analysis, a picture emerges that will build a strong case for a particular trade.  As far as I’m concerned you would have to go a very long way to find a better well rounded teacher in the markets. Most importantly this highly effective and profitable approach has really allowed me to take my own trading to a much higher level than would otherwise have been

Alex G.


Martin is an ideal guide for those starting out trading. You are entering a complex market which has evolved over many years and it is easy to be seduced by the possible rewards and then meet with the many pitfalls which trap naïve traders. Martin will take you through all the many ways of understanding the market, from highly technical analysis through to the fundamental economic events which move the markets and the skittish sentiment which can take hold of it sometimes. Thorough and patient he will nurture your trading personality until you feel able to tackle the market on your own terms. A profitable trader himself, Martin is a genuine mentor in a field where there are many who are not what they seem.

Richard W.

Was Retired (Now A Trader!)

Since I started the Personal Mentorship and Coaching programme Martin has transformed my approach to the FX markets. Martin has been trading the markets successfully for many years and he has taught me exactly how he trades through his one on one training sessions. Martin tutored me on how to approach the markets and read price action, showing me his set ups through many current examples that he’s recently taken and anticipating taking. As part of the mentorship, Martin also posts on a private group forum that he runs, posting live ideas and his view of the current market which allows you to see in real time the application of his methods. I’ve been very happy working with Martin through his mentorship programme and will continue working with him to complete my training.

Kalpesh M.

Consultant Accountant


Rather than tempt you with a potentially meaningless bonus up front, enticing you to join our Programme, we have decided to reward those who do join and stay.  As you progress through the Programme, you will receive some Very Special Bonus Lessons and additional supporting material to some of the more Advanced Lessons, PLUS some bespoke indicators.  It pays to Join & Stay!

Aminata F.

Student & Aspiring Trader

I am very thankful to have found Martin, he is polite, professional & understanding. No matter where you are in your trading journey, he will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to succeed. His teaching is easy to follow and filled with quality trading information that is extremely difficult to find online. The Lessons are always fascinating, stimulating, and engaging. Martin will help you learn Forex in a very straightforward and organised manner, answering any questions you may have promptly. Prior, I had little experience or understanding of the financial markets, and since beginning Martin's Program, I have quickly gained a substantial amount of knowledge. Martin will also provide you with access to his trade setups and other resources.  Learning about financial markets can be daunting, but with Martin's Mentorship, you'll never feel alone. This Mentorship Programme is highly recommended.

Ozair K.


Martin is an excellent trader & instructor. He has taught me the secret I had been seeking for several years.

In this business, besides learning how to control emotion, it is vital to learn how to efficiently synergise all the various strategies & tools and layer them all strategically.

Martin’s approach to teaching trading is not only easy, but fun & unforgettable

Chesney N.


Highly recommended trading course. Martin provides you with the essentials to succeed in the markets. His expertise and know how will ensure that you take the right steps to becoming a profitable trader. You will cover everything from technical and fundamental analysis to trading psychology.

One of the major benefits about this program is that everything taught and applied are used by Martin himself, which is great as you get a first-hand look into how he approaches the markets with the same concepts you will learn.

It is difficult to find legitimate mentors who aren't just out to sell you false dreams and take your hard earned funds in this industry. Martin is genuine. It has been a pleasure learning from him and with the right approach and mindset you too can make a solid start to becoming successful.

What Would My Trading Journey Be Like?

Everyone is different and have their own aspirations, however, a typical Learn To Trade experience with would be something like this:

Firstly, you submit your name, email address and phone number and are sent 20 Scoping Questions to answer, you send the answers back and and then have a chat with Martin on the phone or Skype, there is no hard sell!  You then decide to proceed and pay.  You are then sent some Pre-Programme Preps to complete.  You are then ready to get down to business.

You may start having no or little trading knowledge or experience and will be a little nervous and unsure if you have done the right thing joining.  You quickly realise that you will be taught everything you need to know and also that when it comes to trading the financial markets, you don't know what you don't know, but there might be someone who does and who can guide you through the maze.  You also realise that every time you re-watch a recorded lesson or session, you learn more, and start to learn the Mechanical Process of Trading.  

You will be encouraged to write your own Strategic Trading Plan, rather like a Business Plan. This will help to draw everything together before applying this in the live markets.  You'll also be encouraged to keep a Trading Journal to record your experiences as you develop as a Trader. Starting off Trading in a Demo account, you need time to consolidate your knowledge but after a while things fall into place and you begin to make profitable trades. As you progress further, you begin to understand that the trading knowledge is being layered up intentionally to improve your probability of success and that trading is all about probabilities and that profits are achievable, provided you have a definable edge and manage your Risk appropriately.  

At some point, when you are deemed ready, you transfer over to trading a Live Account.  The process is exactly the same but the emotions can be different.  You are encouraged to focus on the process and by now will have created structure around your trading which will help enormously when trading the Hard Right Edge of the charts.  You realise that what you are actually doing is to trying to Manage Uncertainty by Controlling the Controllables and not worrying about the Uncontrollables.  As well as needing to be motivated to Learn How To Trade you realise that you need to be 100% committed to succeed. This where you start to work on your own Trading Psychology, developing Patience and Discipline, recognising and controlling emotions of FOMO, Fear and Greed, pacing yourself and realising that a fit mind is supported best by a fit body, that is rested, fed and hydrated and not hungover and that ultimately YOU are your edge!  Your inner fortress of self-resilience will be nearly built.  You are probably now a Subjective trader who can do their own analysis and find their own trades.  You sleep well at night because you mange your risk in open trades well.  

You are now gaining market experience and over time with help and guidance you progress towards becoming an Intuitive Trader, one can feel the nature of the markets and is always well prepared and mostly in the Zone when trading.  You regularly check in with yourself before, during and after trading monitoring how you feel and act to make sure you are in the best possible state to trade and on point.  If not, then No Trading.  

You have finally developed into an Independently Minded Consistently Profitable Trader with a qualified Trading Record of Profitability.  You move into the world of Professional Trading after being offered or seeking a Funded Trading Account which can be scaled up as your account grows.  BUT...... you realise you will Never Stop Learning and Improving as a Trader and that your EGO is your worst enemy and you strive to be grateful and exercise humility.

  • Listen, Watch, Learn, Practice, Demo, Structure & Process Focused - Paper Profitability - Mechanical Trader
  • Live Account - Practice, Structure & Process Focused, Start to Address Trading Psychology, Personal Development - Subjective Trader
  • Profitable Retail Trader in Live Account using Advanced Trading Strategies & Techniques  -  Most effort focussed on 'Self & Mind' - Intuitive Trader - You are now an Independently Minded Consistently Profitable Trader resulting in becoming a Prop Trader with a Funded Account, if that is your Trading Aspiration.


Select Group Coaching & Mentoring Programme

To Join The Programme There Is A Single One Off Payment

(With A No Quibble: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee)



And Then A Monthly Subscription of £100 Starting The Following Month

Which Can Be Cancelled By Email At Anytime

Select Group Coaching & Mentoring Programme

Coaching & Mentoring Programmes Are Probably The Most Effective & Fastest Way To Learn and Master Something In Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Money & Time

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! We understand that sometimes people can change their mind or their personal circumstances can change which is why we offer a 30 Day, No Quibble, Money Back Guarantee on the Upfront Payment, just send an email  with the subject heading 'Please Cancel My Membership' before or on the 30th day after enrolment and we will refund you in full.  If the 30 Days after enrolment has passed then there is no refund.

Can I cancel my Subscription at anytime?

Yes!  You can cancel your Monthly Membership Subscription at anytime by sending an email with the subject header 'Please Cancel My Subscription'.  As a member, you will also have other methods of contacting the team if email doesn't work for you. Rest assured we will action your request ASAP within working hours.

How long is the Select Group & Coaching Programme?

Normally, all the Modules are covered within about 18 months to 2 years but this varies from person to person because as you progress into learning specific strategies, you will need time to consolidate your knowledge and put those strategies into practice in the Live Financial Markets, which takes time.  Also the speed of progression will vary according to the individual and remember Learning To Trade is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Time & Effort

How long are the Group Lessons and Coaching Webinars and when are they held?

The Group Lessons vary from 1 to 2 hours depending upon the topic.  The Coaching Webinars normally last about an hour.   Group Lessons are currently held on a Day and Date depending on the Group consensus.  Coaching Webinars are held Weekly, again at a time and day to suit the Group consensus.  Failing a Group consensus then the Coaching sessions will be held on a Monday at 2pm and Lessons at the relevant periodicity on a Tuesday at 10am.  All online sessions are recorded and made available to all members

Are the Lessons, Coaching and Personal Mentoring Sessions Recorded?

Yes all the online sessions are recorded and made available in the members area, normally within 24 hours of the session.

How much time do I need to set aside for study and homework?

You will probably need to set aside 4 or 5 hours each week to re-watch the lessons and then do the Homework and Market Analysis.  You will be guided on how to be time efficient with our neat Tips.

methods & time

What type of Trading do you teach?

We start off by teaching you how to Swing Trade because this gives the Client time to think and then act accordingly.  However, all the techniques we teach can be used on any time frame.  As you progress we will teach you how to trade intra-day and also how to get Lower Time Frame entries into Higher Time Frame Swing Trades, in a Risk Controlled / High Reward way.  Additionally with the knowledge an experience gained on the Programme you will be able to vary your trading style based upon the current setups and market conditions.  In addition to the above, as you progress we will teach you how to take spot and take advantage of Elliott Waves and Harmonic Patterns on whatever timeframes they occur.

Can I use your methods & strategies in other Financial Markets as well as in the Forex Markets?

Yes!  All the techniques and strategies can be used in all Financial Markets provided that the chosen Market is Liquid enough to allow you to be able to open and close your trades when you wish to do so. As you progress you will be introduced to trading other Financial Markets other than Forex.

How long will it take before I am a Profitable Trader?

Everyone is different when it comes to answering this question.  Learning To Trade is more of a marathon than a sprint and requires the aspiring trader to gain Market Experience which cannot substituted.  There is an old saying that goes 'The Master has failed more times than the Student has tried!".  Which is why he has Mastered his Art. All that said, Coaching & Mentoring is by far the fastest way to learn.  We aim to develop you into a Consistently Profitable Independently Minded Trader and will be with you all the way IF you are sufficiently motivated and more importantly, committed to learning the art of trading.

Drop us a line below if you have any other Questions:

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