PMP Enquiry – Thank You

Thank you for you enquiry regarding our Forex Trading Mastery Personal Mentorship Programme (PMP).

Please download this copy of an Example Personal Trading Mentorship Programme and have a good read through as to what your future programme might consist of and the associated prices.

We like to tailor each PMP to match the client and once you are ready we will have a 30-45 minute telephone conversation (scoping chat) to really define what you want and need and then provide you with a personalised programme.

As you will read, all the Lessons are conducted on-line in a webinar format at a time to suit you and the interval between Lessons is also controlled by you to allow you to consolidate your knowledge, before moving on to the next stage of your development as a trader.

Those that succeed in life are the ones that actually TAKE ACTION and are committed to achieving success in whatever they undertake, no matter what obstacles they may find along the way.

Personal Mentorship will be able to smooth this path for you and speed up the learning process, however, YOU and YOU alone are responsible for YOUR trading actions so please bear this in mind as you move forward.  This is a fundamental tenet of trading – taking responsibility for your own actions and becoming an independently minded trader rather than one who is dependent upon others for their trades.  We will talk more about this during your lessons.

IMPORTANT: Before we have that scoping telephone conversation, please have a hard think about what your main reasons are for wanting to become an Independent Trader and also we have sent you an email which contains another link to download the Example Programme and some Scoping Questions for you to answer before we have the scoping chat. Finally, once you are ready to have that conversation please send an email to with a Subject Header:  PMP Scoping Chat.

So keep a lookout in your e-mail inbox and do check you Spam/Trash folder as well just in case.  If you haven’t done so already then please ‘white list’ the following email addresses by making any emails from us as Not SPAM, thanks!:


If you need any more immediate advice or guidance about your PMP then please send an email to or call us on +44(0)7768-224499.  We look forward to working with you and helping you on the road to profitability with your Forex trading.

If you haven’t yet accessed our free downloadable guides and starter course, we would strongly recommend you do so here:

Please print off and place in a folder and try and read and re-read them as your course progresses.

We will provide you with the systems, tools and structure to suit whatever trading life style you choose.

Also, as a big thank you for putting your trust in us, we will be providing you with bonus material and tools to help your trading as you progress.

We look forward to working with you as you progress towards trading profitability.

Lastly, provided you put in the effort and time to learn how to trade Forex as a professional, we will be there to support you all the way.  Our students often become trading colleagues and friends.  Thanks again.