Meet, Greet, Live & Learn

The most interesting thing about trading is that you never stop learning; there are so many different ways of trading the markets and many differing viewpoints.  It appears to be a continual quest, which makes for a fascinating occupation.

Probably the worst part of being a retail trader (apart from losing money!) is that it can be a particularly lonely thing to undertake day after day.  It is down to you, your views, your analysis and your decisions.

To ameliorate both points I offer the following:

  • Try and attend trading related expos, conferences, shows.  You can learn a lot at these events and meet all sorts of like-minded people, if you are prepared to be friendly, open and network a bit. One such event which is taking place in London is the World Money Show London in early November.

You can find all the details here:

The World Money Show London

My former trading mentor, Sunil Mangwani, and I will be speaking at the event on Saturday 3rd November and he will also partake in a panel discussion on currency trading.  Come along and meet us.

When you register you should also be sent our latest e-book called:

‘Trade the Right Way – Everyday’

  • It is great if you can find a like-minded trader or traders and link up on Skype and share your views and potential trades as you scan the markets.  Those traders who attend our workshops and seminars are given the opportunity to join our Skype thread where traders discuss their setups and trades and economic fundamentals.

Our next 2 Day Forex Trading Workshop is on Saturday & Sunday DTBC June 2015 in central London; all the details can be found here:

Forex Trading Workshop London

Top Trading Tip:

Be open-minded and try and attend one or two trading conferences or workshops every year, they are great places to learn and meet like-minded traders.  It often helps not to trade alone, so try and find someone you can Skype with and discuss what trades you are looking at.