London Traders Forum Q4 – 2019 Summary & Take Aways

I thought I would highlight some of the Take Aways from the London Traders Forum which met on Saturday.  The feedback was very positive and all the presentations were well received with great interaction and debate with the attendees, in a packed room, plus a great social afterwards.

Refreshments and light breakfast on arrival available to all. Teas/coffees/snacks etc available throughout the day.

Firstly we had a market roundup and strategic view from Kevin Barry (Traders & Investors Club|), where we learnt where to go to find excellent economic indicators and how to read them and what leading indicators highlight if an economy is going into recession or not and how to act on that in trading terms.  We were given his strategic view of the markets and current correlations and where the money is flowing and the impact of that in Trading terms.

Next Simon Coterrill, a fund manager, explained his approach to the markets and how he trades and what he looks for in terms of Potential Trade Set Ups. Plus he touched on Trading Mind Set and how he made great leaps forward in his trading performance after being coached on the topic by a renowned performance coach and expert in this area.   

Prior to Lunch, Kevin Barry then took us from zero all the way through to numerous effective strategies using Options, to trade the Financial Markets, in particular US Stocks and ETFs.  This was a 2 Day workshop condensed into a couple of hours – BOOOOOM!

A scrummy Lunch then followed, thank you ETC Venues!

Paul Wallace of Trading Beliefs then shook us awake in the post-Lunch graveyard slot, talking about how to build a position going in your favour, to get the most return out of an expected and pre-planned move. Kerching.  Within that he covered the Challenges, Behaviours, Solutions and Actions a developing trader may face and need to take. Lastly, he finished up talking about Situational Awareness and when to close out a trade and reverse it.

Next up I covered how to find great Swing Trade entries, using a structured approach, The 6Cs and what I am looking for and the filters I use and then went through 2 Live Trade Examples to show that process from start to finish including entries, stops, targets, managing the trade and closing out etc.

To finish off the day I talked about how to Sharpen Your Edge as a Trader, and let’s face it we never stop trying to do that in search of perfection!  This really boiled down to 
identifying all the factors and influences, both tangible and intangible, that can affect one’s trading, how the brain works, when and how that has an impact and then what things we can do, as traders to firstly place as much structure around our trading as possible to help us manage the uncertainty of Trading The Hard Right Edge of the charts and also to learn how to check in with ourselves an if necessary check out and reset our selves in order to control our State better, in other words our Trading Mindset and how to get it fit for purpose. Mindset Fitness is probably the final key to mastering trading and improving our generation of Alpha = Profits and holding onto them!

Lastly we retired to the nearest Pub to swap stories, get to know each other better and have a debrief.

All in all a cracking day.

If you didn’t or couldn’t come, then maybe consider it next time.  It really is Value For Money and we try to keep the fee as low as possible but it reflects putting on such an event in Central London. 

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