I’m back – Big Apologies for my absence.

Since April ’14, I have been busy trading, teaching, recovering from an eye injury (my own fault – doh!), plus sailing, garden maintenance and generally enjoying the sunshine and so offer my apologies for not updating my blog.

I have also spent some worthwhile time consolidating my thoughts on what are the key elements to becoming and being a profitable Forex trader.

Over the next weeks and months I shall be going over and adding detail to all the elements I believe make up the route to, or the formula for, becoming a successful Forex trader and sending it to all our subscribers.

This evening (17th Sep 2014) I will be attending the London Traders Network Meetup Group meeting in London, which is an informal gathering of like minded aspiring and experienced traders.  This is a free to attend, friendly, welcoming and supportive group with NO SELLING and it welcomes trading newbies. It is run by a trader/coach/mentor and friend of mine.  At the last count there should be over a 100 people attending. All the details can be found HERE.