I Need Money – Funancial Freedom For Teenagers!

This post is slightly off topic, however, as trader you need to know about money.  It’s merits, it’s pitfalls, it’s worth, it’s opportunities, how to make it, how to grow it and much much more.

I came to trading and really learning about money, relatively late in life, and often think what if I had been taught all this stuff when I was a teenager!  What a different life I might have had and how much better informed I would have been about my financial choices.  Plus I may have known a lot earlier how to generate income (not just from trading) and how to grow that income and eventually wealth and then be in a position to give back.

I just read an advanced copy of this book which is about to be published, addressing all the above.  It is primarily aimed at teenagers, to try and help them be more money savvy and help them on the road to financial freedom, whilst having some fun along the way – Financial Literacy Made Fun or even Funancial Freedom!

It is structured around 4 key areas – to help them LEAP forward in their financial endeavours:

Learn – Earn – Accelerate – Play

Are you are a Parent, Grand Parent, Uncle or Aunt, or older Brother or Sister to a teenager and are worried about their financial future in the current economic climate? Student debt is rising, rents and house prices are unaffordable, job security is a thing of the past plus the pension age has been raised and it is highly likely that this will happen again in the not too distant future.  To ensure that your teenager is best placed to address the above issues, then I would highly recommend you grab a copy of this book right now, as it is highly discounted for a short period before launch.  What a great Christmas present this would be if it set your teen off on the road to financial security and freedom.

I hope you can help the teens of this world get money savvy and achieve Funancial Freedom going forward.  Plus, maybe us older types might learn a thing or two from this book too, I certainly did!  It won’t be long before lots of people are talking about this book and it’s concepts. Grab it while you still can, just click on any of the links on this page.  I hope that helps someone.