Forex Trading Workshop London

Discover How To Trade The Right Way – Everyday

Intensive 2 Day Forex Trading Kick Start Workshop in London

(DTBC) June 2015

Make 2015 Your Year to Take Action

and become Profitable!

  Learn High Probability Forex Trading

Martin Walker will be holding 2 days of intensive and extensive Forex Training in a workshop environment on the (DTBC) March/April 2015 (Sat & Sun) in Central London.


Who Is It For?

It is intended for those serious about learning and trading Forex to generate a second income. It is specifically designed for anyone who wants to start trading Forex in the quickest possible time and for those more experienced traders who may be struggling or looking for better strategies and need to re-invigorate their trading.  It is also  for those traders that:

  • as soon as they enter a trade the market goes in the opposite direction.
  • that think they might be the ‘victim’ of manipulation by the markets!
  • that want to see behind the facade of what they see on their charts.
  • that want to be able to find High Probability Low Risk trades.
  • that are struggling to become profitable.
  • that want to be discover all the aspects required to be a successful trader.
  • that aspire to trade Full Time.
  • that want to be able to trade around their Day Job.

Who Is It NOT For?

It is not for those who wish to become ‘rich overnight’ or are seeking the ‘Golden Button’!  Yes you have seen all that marketing hype – don’t be fooled!

Forex trading requires effort, discipline, knowledge and practice; with great emphasis on having the “right teacher“.  We will teach you the right way to trade, everyday! However, YOU will need to come up with the discipline, patience and persistence.

What will you learn at this Forex Training & Trading Workshop?

Our primary aim is to teach you several techniques to be able to both swing trade and trend trade the Forex markets. But before we can teach you these techniques we will make sure you have the essential foundation on which to implement these strategies, so we will cover the following:

Pre-event tasks and instructions:

  • How to open a Demo Account
  • How to Set Up & Use the Metatrader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform Charts
  • How to setup your MT4 Fib Tools
  • Introduction and Basics of the Forex Market
  • Some Basic Trading Essentials

DAY 1:  The Basics of Forex Trading

  • 0900 – Introductions & Expectations
  • 0930 – Introduction to the Forex Trading Success Formula
  • 0945 – Your Trading Plan – What goes in it and why
  • 1000 – The Basics of Forex Trading – How the Forex Market works
  • 1030 – 1045 – Break
  • 1045 – How to identify Supply & Demand or Resistance & Support & understand what is really behind these levels and an understanding of who and what moves the markets.
  • 1115 – How to Identify and Read Price Action & Use It To Your Advantage including market waves and candlesticks
  • 1145 – Fibonacci Forex Trading – learn about Fibonacci Ratios & their importance.
  • 1200 – Learn what Fibonacci MT4 tools you should use and how to use them properly:
    • Fib Retracements ◾Fib Projections ◾Fib Fans ◾Fib Expansions
  • 1245 – Lunch
  • 1330 – The 3Ms (Money, Mind (& Me), Method) – the 3 Pillars of Successful Forex Trading:
    • Money & Risk Management: (Risk:Reward, Position Sizing, Capital Exposure)
    • Mind:  The Discipline & Patience to follow a Trade Plan – Managing Uncertainty
    • Method: The Technical Set Ups for a particular strategy.
  • 1445 – 1500 – Break
  • 1500 – Fundamentals and Technicals – The 3rd Way:
    • Fundamentals – News/Analysis and Developing Your Bias & Recognising Sentiment
    • Fundamentals – Where to go to get good information quickly
    • Fundamentals – Summary Notes
  • 1600 – Introduction to the Andrews Pitchfork
  • 1630 – Bonus technique if time permits
  • 1700 – Finish for the Day

DAY 2:  Techniques and Strategies

  • 0900 – How to Analyse the Markets – Multi-Time Frame Analysis (Top Down/Bottom Up):
    • Confluences – How Many Reasons Do You Have To Take A Trade?
    • Key Support/Resistance
    • Price Action
    • Common Patterns
    • Channels
    • Technical Analysis Notes
  • 1030 – 1045 – Break
  • 1045 – How to Identify Key Market Swing Points as they Form
  • 1130 – How to Enter at a Key Market Swing Point:
    • How to prepare and execute a detailed ‘Trade Plan’ for this stratgey, with precisely defined entry, exit and stop levels, along with the principles of money management.
  • 1245 – 1330 – Lunch
  • 1330 – Trend Trading:
    • How to identify and confirm a trend
    • How to identify potential trend Trade entry points
    • How to join an established Trend
    • How to trade these Trend Trade opportunities with a precise Trend Trading Strategy
  • 1445 – 1500 – Break
  • 1500 – Currency Correlations, The Best Times To Trade Forex
  • 1530 – Trading Around a Day Job:
    • Weekly & Daily Routines:
      • News Flow and Key Events
      • Fundamentals Summary Notes
      • MTFA and Technical Analysis Notes
      • Trading Timeframes
      • Manage any open trades
  • 1600 – Bonus Lesson
  • 1700 – Finish

But that’s not all, as a ‘Thank You’ for attending we are going to provide you with a guide on the Common Pitfalls of NoviceTraders and, if time permits, a


How to trade Divergence, when to use it and when to ignore it.

If used properly Divergence can be used as an excellent Leading indication and is a great Odds Enhancer when used with the above strategies

And After The 2 Days of Training?

You Get Even “More Value For Money!

  • A recording of the lessons covered in the Workshop.
  • Key Learning Points For Each Lesson
  • 2 “Free” one-hour sessions in our online trading room – See us analyse the Forex markets to find potential trades and if they trigger watch us place live trades…using the same strategies and knowledge covered in the workshop.
  • 3 Months email support.

You can see some current open trades at this link on Facebook:  Forex HQ

 Your Investment For Two Full Days Of Profitable Training:

 £497 (including VAT)

NO QUIBBLE – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Join us on the 1st day and if by lunch time you feel that what you have learnt and will be learning will not help your trading, you can request a “no quibble” refund of the amount paid, less £49.00 to cover your seat cost in the training room. Also as a thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you, you will also receive:

  • ” 7 Trading Secrets”.  A Forex trading guide covering the techniquies used by professional traders
  • ‘Trade The Right Way – Everyday’.  A Forex guide book with some of the most practical steps for trading.

TIME: 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM

VENUE: Riverfront, Howard Building, Southside of Chelsea Bridge

Address: Très Health and Wellbeing

Ground Floor – Riverfront, Howard Building,
Chelsea Bridge Wharf, 368 Queenstown Road, London SW8 4NN.

Tel Enquiries +(44) (0)20 7622 2252


Google Maps

The venue is very close to Chelse Bridge.  The nearest tube stations are Sloan Square (Circle and District Lines) and Pimlico (Victoria Line) on the North side of Chelsea Bridge.  On the South side of Chelese Bridge the is Battersea Park (Overground and Southern Railway and also Queenstown (South West Trains).

So don’t delay, secure your place today:

Contact martin[at] and ask to be put on the Priority Notification List so that you get first refusal on a place before the doors are open to the Public.

Come and meet us and learn how to trade Forex like a Pro at these great values Forex Trading Workshops & see your Equity Curve grow!

IMPORTANT: Becoming a consistently profitable Forex Trader takes personal effort, discipline, knowledge and practice plus ongoing support and quality mentorship, so make use of this rare opportunity to kick start or reinvigorate your Forex journey today

If you have any questions about this event then send an email to me at: martin[at]