A New Year a New Start!

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our readers!

Last January I wrote a Blog article on how to turn your ‘New Year’s Resolution (to learn how to trade Forex) into Reality’.  I have just re-read it and it is still very relevant and can be used as a good tick off list for any aspiring Forex trader.  It covers most if not all of the key elements of Forex trading that need to be mastered.  So rather than republishing it here just click on the following link:  ‘New Year’s Resolution into Reality’.

The ones that succeed are normally those that have taken action and approached what may seem a massive undertaking by analysing what they want to achieve and breaking the desired final outcome down into manageable, bite size, chunks.

Top Trading Tip:  To succeed in ‘learning to trade Forex’, you need to identify and understand and then master all the pieces of the puzzle and then put them all together, rather like conducting an orchestra, and it helps tremendously if you have someone to guide and mentor you through the maize.