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Forex Trading Essentials - www.ForexTradingLondon.comWhilst doing some Housekeeping in my email account, I came across and was reminded of an email I had sent as a reply to a prospective student, who unfortunately could not afford our Personal Mentorship Programme (PMP) lessons.  In my reply I wanted to be helpful, so I tried to summarise the Key areas that he should work on until he was in such a position to be able to take advantage of our PMP.   Here is the main body of the email, with a few additional tweeks, containing what I suggested:

‘No problem, the key things you need to concentrate on are: Continue reading

How To Choose a Forex Broker

One of the first problems an aspiring trader comes across is that there are so many Forex Brokers, all vying for your business, that it is hard to distinguish between them and actually choose a Forex Broker that fits your specific wants and needs.

To overcome this problem we have compiled a list of at least 20 things that we think are important for you to consider, when choosing your Forex Broker.  Here is the full article:

How To Choose a Forex Broker