Forex Trading Success Formula Launch

Today we launched the first module of our Forex Trading Success Formula and each week, in addition to our 2 e-guides on trading, subscribers will receive a new module to help them in their quest to become consistently profitable traders. It doesn’t matter when you subscribe you’ll still receive each lesson or module in the right order at weekly intervals.

Module 1 – Expectations – addresses initial expectations; taking responsibility for your trading actions; accountability as a useful tool to keep on the straight and narrow plus lots more.

So just enter your details in the box below and we’ll see you on the inside. 


I’m back – Big Apologies for my absence.

Since April ’14, I have been busy trading, teaching, recovering from an eye injury (my own fault – doh!), plus sailing, garden maintenance and generally enjoying the sunshine and so offer my apologies for not updating my blog.

I have also spent some worthwhile time consolidating my thoughts on what are the key elements to becoming and being a profitable Forex trader.

Over the next weeks and months I shall be going over and adding detail to all the elements I believe make up the route to, or the formula for, becoming a successful Forex trader and sending it to all our subscribers.

This evening (17th Sep 2014) I will be attending the London Traders Network Meetup Group meeting in London, which is an informal gathering of like minded aspiring and experienced traders.  This is a free to attend, friendly, welcoming and supportive group with NO SELLING and it welcomes trading newbies. It is run by a trader/coach/mentor and friend of mine.  At the last count there should be over a 100 people attending. All the details can be found HERE.