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Forex Market Analysis

These Forex Market Analysis videos and screen shots are offered as examples of the sort of thing I do when planning trades.  This is NOT a signals service, so please do your own analysis.  If you find them useful then let me know at martin[at]  Please note it may take a little while for the videos to load up, once selected.  Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday 5th April 2016:

Where next for Cable? Daily Triangle? Inverse Head & Shoulders? Potential Bullish Gartley or Bearish Butterfly?

GBPUSD Daily View - 5 April 2016 - www.ForexTradingLondon.comOil (WTI) – Daily Potential Bullish Elliot Wave in progress – currently in EW 4.  If this finds support in or at the light blue zone then could be an opportunity for another long in the context of the Monthly Bullish Wolfe Wave.  Also OPEC and Non-OPEC country Reps are meeting on Sunday 17th April.  If Oil does bounce then we could see some more downside in the USDCAD.

Oil (WTI) Daily Bull EW - - 5 April 2016

Wednesday 2nd March 2016:

USDJPY Weekly EW 'abc' & Bearish H&S - 2 Mar 2016 - www.ForexTradingLondon.comMonday 29th February 2016:EURUSD Monthly Pot Bull Snil or Bat - 29-02-2016 - www.ForexTradingLondon.comFriday 28th February 2014:

Tuesday 26th November 2013:

Thursday 24th October 2013:

Wednesday 13th November 2013: